Pomona Street

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Pomona Street are merchants of specialist gourmet wine vinegar, sourced from the Dordogne valley of France, then bottled and labelled on the beautiful Cornish coast.

Based in Cornwall, Pomona Street was founded in 2010 by father and daughter duo Mike & Cassandra.

With a collection of 5 varieties of vinegar, the focus is on quality & taste. Each are made from the 5 grape varieties that make up the dry wines of Bordeaux.

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc make up the classic Bordeaux red, with Sauvignon and Semillon both in blend and separately making the dry white wines of the region.

The vinegars are carefully made in a cool fermentation process using a Champagne culture to produce the very best quality vinegar that expresses the nature and taste of the original grape variety and wine.

They make wonderful gifts as well as a must have in the kitchen to add depth to a range of dishes.

Penryn, Cornwall


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